Katarina Kaplarski - Artist / UX Designer

Katarina Kaplarski is artist from Belgrade, Serbia with passion for video-art and internet art. She holds BA and MFA in Art and Design and interdisciplinary PhD degree in Art Theory and Practice from Belgrade University of Arts with thesis "Art on the Internet".
Katarina often uses digital tools as means for creation but she also works in non-digital environment and combines digital and non-digital images and narratives. Images and sounds are equaly important in her work. Her concepts often present experiments within media form, social costructs, identity issues, personal stories, body politics.
Katarina participated in many regional and international exibitions with digital prints, videos and installations. She is working as an Associate Professor on Faculty of New Media Design in Belgrade, teaching creativity on web and mobile platforms and interaction design. She has also been working in advertising industry for 7 years, freelance and in digital agency, creating web oriented solutions for various brands.

UX designer

You can see her UX designer profile and work process ::here


"ContraART is a term that I invented to describe or brand my art work. I often use digital tools for creation and I tend to combine digital and non-digital images and narratives. ContraART is not opposite of ART, it represents contrapuntual motion of art in digital space and real life.

ContraART (kontra-umetnost) je termin koji sam izmislila da bih opisala ili brendirala svoje umetničke radove. Često upotrebljavam digitalna sredstva u stvaralaštvu i kombinujem digitalne i ne-digitalne slike i narative. ContraART nije protiv umetnosti, već predstavlja kontrapunktski pokret umetnosti u digitalnom i realnom prostoru."

L'ART pour L'ART contre L'ART

DADA movement at the beginning of last century radically changed the foundations of art - by introducing self criticism into art-media, by placing representation instead of simulation, by inventing and combining NEW media, deconstructing OLD media... ART [existing] for ART [playing] contra ART cONTRAart is therefore a term for the [post]modern art tendencies and contemporary means of artistic expression. cONTRA artist is explaining, experimenting and inventing new approaches to the post-modern artistic discourse. Especially today when we have net-art, video-art, easy accessible software, cameras, data transfers, mobile communications >>>> It became easy-to-be-an-artist, trendy-to-behave-as-artist and easy-to-make-ART. For example, Art theory that derived from [and was referenced to] art, nowadays is dictating art-market and became, in post-modern era ART itself [conceptual art]. CONTRAart in post-modern society couldn't possibly be considered as an art-movement. Hyper production and large diversity of postmodern art created an art brand: cONTRAart

Katarina Kaplarski, PhD, Multimedia Art
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