My name is Katarina Kaplarski
I am UX/Interaction designer
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what I do and how I do it

ux & ui design

Interaction Design, User Research, Usability Protocols, Web Site Analytics, Persona Creation, Task Analysis, Storyboards, Prototyping, Visual Design

my digital tools

Prototyping : Axure, Pop, Marvel app ; Graphic design : Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch ; Video and Animation: Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects ; Web design and development: Adobe Dreamweaver

programming languages

Html, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery (working knowledge), PHP, Java, Processing (basic knowledge)


recent works - some still in progress

mobile app wireframe

Mobile Diary for Ladies

User research, Interaction design

hummingbird low poly logo

Web Design

Interaction design and Visuals

mobile app screens

Commercial App

IA and UX design


the usual road

  • Product research

    When I talk to clients I try to understand their product and objectives as much as possible. I make a product related research – competitive analysis, and swot analysis in context of product presentation on digital media.

  • User research

    For digital products it is important to know the users and their behaviour. I design questionaires and interviews for creating personas, explore cognitive and mental models of users, make scenarios and task analysis.

  • Design

    I organize information, create wireframes and storyboards, and interactive prototypes.

  • Test and evaluate

    I use various methods of evaluation in relation to project objectives: usability testing, web analytics, observation, interviews, interaction logs.

  • Launch.