Art.D. Katarina Kaplarski Vukovic

artist // interaction designer// UX analyst - web/ apps/ games
I am  artist from Belgrade, Serbia with the professional experience in creative industry and with Doctoral degree in Polymedia Art. My research objectives and practice are focused on digital art and  interaction design and although  I often use digital tools as means for creation I also work in non-digital environment and combine digital and non-digital images and narratives. I studied sculpture and painting before I started to digitally manipulate images and videos and to make web sites.

Sounds and images are equally important in my work and  I often experiment with media forms, social & personal identity subjects, body politics, interaction within artworks.

I exhibited my works in many solo and group exhibitions in region and art festivals in Europe, and won several awards for my works.

Currently, I work as Associate Professor, teaching creativity on web and mobile platforms, game analysis and UX/UI design.  I focused my academic research  within the scope of online media, user-centered design, e-learning and new technologies -AR and VR. I have been Dean of the Faculty od Digital Art 2016.-2019. Before my academic career I had been working as Interactive Art Director and Digital Producer in Ad Agency.

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*Art.D. (from the Latin artium doctor) is a discipline-based terminal doctoral degree that was originally conceived and designed to be an alternative to the traditional research-based Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)