Xpensive Stuff

ux, web design, website production

I worked on this project in  2016. – 2017. with a few breaks of couple of months, since the clients didn’t develop their products. Clients wanted to keep their products a secret, so the branding and their real renders are not displayed in the mockups. Their portfolio would be visible only to registered members, so I have to respect that.

I have to say I had much difficulties with these clients since they didn’t understand the mechanism of interaction design, and although the products were meant to be expensive and unattainable, I had hard time to explain that the UX shouldn’t confuse the visitors, and it is not meant to be a mystery. It has been really a challenging project but we made it through. Unfortunately they never published the website.

I invented the domain “” and I have put a drone image in the mockup in order to keep the brand and the products confidential.

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