Contraart website archives. In the beginning it was meant to be my art portfolio, later I wanted to make it a web art, and again it was art portfolio….

Sorry, but many image links don’t work also quicktime and flash players are dead.

2004. – 2014.

2004.  – click to visit

My first website. I made it in Dreamweaver. It was all HTML tables.

2005.  – click to visit

This is presentation of my Jitter/Max istallation

2006. – click to visit

I wanted to experiment with this one. I lost tht final version. Only homepage with broken links are left.

2007. – click to visit

This was pure contra-website experiment. I love it.

2014. – click to visit

This one was rather normal. It’ s HTML5 and CSS 3. Diamond shape was interesting.

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